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Top 10 Things To Do In Jakarta Indonesia

Things To Do In Jakarta – Here are some suggestions about top 10 things to do in Jakarta and I am sure you’ll find Jakarta worth exploring. Please note that this list is in random order. Jakarta is a huge megalopolis spread out over 290 square miles. While it’s modernized quite quickly in the past few years, some places are still rooted in tradition. Dutch colonial rule, dictators with a serious edifice complex, and today’s bustling democratic tide have all contributed to make Jakarta an endlessly fascinating place.

If you are only in Jakarta for a day or even a week or more, there are bound to be places of interest to you. Jakarta is actually filled with sightseeing and tourist attractions, lots of shopping malls and hidden back streets for nightlife, food and fun.

In Jakarta you will not find it short of tourist places to visit or tourist attractions to see or things to do or what to do. Read our list of the top 10 things to do in Jakarta.

1. Visit the Old Town (Kota Tua)


Kota Tua (Foto : ruliamrullah.wordpress.com)

The first, top 10 things to do in Jakarta is visit the Old Town. Old Town or Old Batavia has a very strong historical value, but it is unfortunate that most of the buildings in the Old Town are not well preserved. Around the Old Town, there are several interesting museums to visit. The Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum), Museum of Fine Art and Ceramic as well as the Puppet Museum are all around Batavia.

Usually, local people explore around the area of the old town by renting an old-fashioned bike (it cost around $3). You can cycle around the area to the Sunda Kelapa harbour. Afterwards you can relax, eat and drink at Cafe Batavia. A restaurant that serves good coffee and has an interesting design.

2. Encounter Islam in Indonesia, at Istiqlal Mosque


Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta (Image : en.wikipedia.org)

The second, top 10 things to do in Jakarta is encounter Islam in Indonesia, at Istiqlal Mosque. The biggest Islamic country on Earth deserves to have one of the biggest mosques in the world – which it has in the Istiqlal Mosque (fourth biggest, to be exact).

Located in Central Jakarta next to the Monas, the Masjid Istiqlal was begun under then-President Sukarno in the 1960s – his successor completed the project in 1978, contributing a massive cowhide drum that now stands in a second-floor hallway. The mosque’s 5 floors can handle up to 250,000 worshippers. On most days the mosque is nearly empty, but is filled to capacity at the end of Ramadan.

3. Commemorate Indonesian Independence at Monas


Monas (Image : layoverguide.com)

The National Monument commemorates Indonesian independence in its many forms – from an exhibition at the monument’s base that relives the declaration of independence in August 1945, to statues around the perimeter that preserve key moments in Indonesia’s post-independence history.

The monument itself towers over 137 meters over Medan Merdeka (Freedom Square), topped by a flame covered in 35 kg of gold. A cramped lift carries visitors to the very top of the monument, where visitors can get great views of Central Jakarta. Binoculars and a handy map of the surrounding buildings help visitors get a grip of the surrounding skyline. Visit Monas is one of the most popular things to do in Jakarta.

4. Learn About Nature at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Image : on-select.com)

Taman Mini is a huge park that attempts to represent the different provinces of Indonesia within its sprawling confines, and by and large it succeeds. A series of museums with different themes (science, sports, even one on Indonesia as a whole), and an IMAX theater give a more complete picture of what the country is all about.

A cable car takes you above a large lake that contains a replica of the Indonesian archipelago. Around the park, you’ll find different traditional houses from all over the country, each one housing exhibits that explain the house’s province of origin. Visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is one of the top things to do in Jakarta.

5. Stroll Jalan Surabaya

Antique Stores at Jalan Surabaya Jakarta

Antique Stores at Jalan Surabaya Jakarta (Image : thebluebottle.wordpress.com)

The fourth, top 10 things to do in Jakarta is stroll Jalan Surabaya. A big fan of antique stuff? You should spare one evening to walk down Surabaya street. You can find a lot of stores that mostly sells antiques, but please be careful when you decide to buy something from here. Not all things that seems antique are antique, some of them are newly produced as antiques.

Much of the antiques on display come from the Dutch colonial era, left over from old Dutch families… or are they? A lot of the “crafts” on display are newer than they look, so it takes a good eye for detail and a willingness to dicker over the price to get the most out of your Jalan Surabaya shopping experience.

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