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10 Best Cape Town Tourist Attractions In South Africa

World TourismCape Town tourist attractions is very interesting to visit. You can visit the various Cape Town tourist attractions that you like. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its majestic Table Mountain backdrop. A harmonious blend of architectural styles reflects the tastes of dictates of the past as well as today’s more functional requirements. Reported from the official website Cape Town and Cape Town Magazine, see a glimpse of information about 10 Best Cape Town tourist attractions.

Between the high-rise office blocks, Edwardian and Victorian buildings have been meticulously preserved, and many outstanding examples of Cape Dutch architecture are found. Narrow, cobble stone streets and the strongly Islamic ambiance of the Bo-Kaap enhance the cosmopolitan ambiance of the city.

Cape Town shopping options invite you to endlessly browse. Elegant malls such as the Victoria Wharf at the V&A Waterfront, antique shops, craft markets, flea markets and art galleries abound. Specialist boutiques offer an enticing array of unusual items not readily obtainable elsewhere. Gourmets and lovers of fine wines have a treat in store, with the Constantia Winelands producing some of the finest wines worldwide.

1. Cape Town Tourist Attractions : Boulders Penguin Colony

Boulders Penguin Colony, one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions (Image : www.capetownhotels.co.za)

Boulders Penguin Colony, one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions (Image : www.capetownhotels.co.za)

Cape Town and her surrounding coastline offers the visitor some wonderful beaches, but none are more interesting nor more beautiful than the Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. This beach, with its wind sheltered bays and safe sandy shores, is home to a breeding colony of over 2000 endangered African Penguins. Boulders Penguin Colony is one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions.

Boulders Beach forms part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and an entrance fee is required to access these sandy shores that are home to the tuxedoed little bird. Strictly controlled access to this beach by the SANparks authority ensures that it is always clean and tidy and that the facilities are well maintained and spotless. These facilities include toilets and outdoor beach showers. The beach is seldom crowded and is a real hit with little one’s as it offers a very gentle and warm ocean swimming experience.

Once through the turnstiles, one can stake your claim on the pristine sand and then freely explore the large 540 million year-old granite boulders, small rock pools and little bays in the close proximity of the flightless little swimming birds.

To view the African Penguins and their nesting and breeding sites, a superb walkway has been established that takes the visitor on an intimate tour of the area these endangered birds call home. African Penguins were previously referred to as the “Jackass” Penguin due to their donkey-like call, but a more diplomatic choice of name saw them re-christened as African Penguins. The area is patrolled by park rangers to ensure both the visitors safety and the safety of the birds.

For the best penguin viewing experience, Foxy Beach is the place to be, just a short stroll from the actual Boulders Beach. The boardwalks are all wheelchair-friendly and will take you to within metres of the birds. There is also a visitors centre accessed on foot using “Willis Walk” from the Bellevue Road/Cape Point side, or via Kleintuin Road from the Seaforth Road/Simon’s Town side.

Boulders Beach has plenty of decent restaurant, café and accommodation offerings close to the gates (although nothing on offer inside the reserve precinct) and is en-route to Cape Point. A beautiful summer’s day spent at Boulders is tough to beat, but don’t get too close to the Penguins as they have a nasty nip on them.

2. Cape Town Tourist Attractions : Bikini Beach, Gordon’s Bay

Cape Town beaches, one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions (Image : lifeissavage.com)

Cape Town beaches, one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions (Image : lifeissavage.com)

Situated at the base of the Hottentots Holland mountains on the False Bay coast, the pretty village of Gordon’s Bay is a favourite spot in which to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Bikini Beach, Gordon’s Bay is one of the best Cape Town tourist attractions. The glittering lights of Cape Town lie only 40 minutes away from Gordon’s Bay, a scenic cove with a sheer mountain backdrop, and you’ll reach the airport in half an hour by car.

One of the most popular places in Gordon’s Bay is Bikini Beach, and even though the beach itself is small and parking limited, it’s worth trying to find an empty spot along with other holidaymakers during peak season. Thanks to its sheltered locality between the mountain and harbour, Bikini Beach comes into its own when the wind is howling. It enjoys Blue Flag status, attesting to its water quality, safety and related international criteria.

Gordon’s Bay offers a variety of ocean activities including swimming, diving and surfing the waves of Kogel Bay. In addition to its cosmopolitan appeal, Gordon’s Bay has preserved the quaintness of an old coastal village. During the summer season, its beachfront and streets are filled with sun-kissed visitors both local and international.

Temperatures are mild throughout the year, and the region enjoys winter rainfall. During the hot summer months, the south-easterly wind, or “Cape Doctor” – known locally for its welcome ability to clear the city of smog – offers some respite from the heat. Gordon’s Bay typically has one of the best sunsets in the world.

Gordon’s Bay is named after Robert Jacob Gordon, a Dutch officer who led the Cape garrison during the late 18th century. Today it’s home to the South African Naval College and various yachting and angling events take place within its sheltered harbour.

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